CSA sign up

A Step By Step Guide

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Step 1: Choose Your CSA package

You've made it to www.WindyHillFamilyFarm.org/whff-csa

Now check out the season offerings and then click on the CSA package you want!

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Step 2: make some choices

Read the details of the CSA package you chose!

Choose the number of installments you will pay in, confirm the season length, and choose how many CSA shares you want to purchase.

Once you have done these things CLICK ADD TO CART


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Step 3: Enter more information

A screen will pop up!

Answer the questions on the screen. These are questions like your email address, phone number and other information about your CSA group.

Once you have answered all the questions: hit ADD TO CART, again.


Step4: find and click on your shopping cart

After step 3, your CSA share is in your shopping cart! You are almost done, time to actually check out.

FIND THE SHOPPING CART. This is a step that can be confusing. If you are using a computer your shopping cart is on the upper right hand corner (see the picture), if you are using a mobile browser your shopping cart is accessed by clicking on the three horizontal bars on the upper left hand corner.

Once you have found the shopping cart click on it!


Step 5: Review the contents of your shopping cart and check out

Make sure everything looks good, press the check out button!


Step 6: Add personal and payment INformation!

THIS IS THE LAST STEP! follow the screen prompts, adding your email address, any addition information you want us to know and then your credit card information! You can also enter any coupon code you have on the right side of the page.

When you are finished hit the PURCHASE button under the review and purchase section.


Step 7: Confirmation!

You have purchased your CSA share. The screen will confirm this and you will receive a confirmation email at the email address you gave us.

Please reach out to us at WindyHillFamilyFarm@gmail.com if you have any difficulty signing up or any questions. We look forward to meeting you and feeding your family this coming season.