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November-Quick Fire Season Review

Windy Hill Family Farm’s first CSA season is over! Thank you to all the amazing folks who have supported the farm this season. We had a full CSA, amazing turnout at our Farm Dinner, and lots of encouragement from friends near and far.

Quick Fire Season Review!

Best Producing Crop: Eggplant (not everyone's favorite vegetable, it turns out). Cucumbers were a close second.
Most Loved CSA Crop: Tomatoes!!! Other top favorites were arugula and basil.
Favorite Farm Tool: Wheel hoe with the 12 inch stirrup hoe attachment.
Farmer’s Favorite New Farm Recipe: Broccoli with sweet tahini sauce.
Worst Pest: Harlequin bug! But a close second was the cabbage root worm maggot.
Worst Weather Event: Non-stop August rain. It almost killed our tomatoes!
Farm Visitors: Over 100 people stopped by the farm this season.
Crops We’ll Plant Way More of Next Season: Watermelon, cherry tomatoes, garlic, onions and peas.

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Liam Miller