CSA Questions

Frequently Asked CSA Questions

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What does CSA mean? CSA stands for community supported agriculture. CSA is a business model that moves produce directly from the farmer to the consumer, cutting out the middleman. In a CSA model, the customer becomes a member of the farm. The member pays ahead of time for the season and gets a share of the farm's produce, usually at a discount. The customer also takes on a portion of the risks of vegetable farming (weather, crop failure, etc). There are thousands of CSA farms around the country, and each CSA farm runs a CSA in their own way.

How does your CSA work? Our 24-week full season CSA runs from May 2nd through October 10th, 2019. We also offer separate, 8-week spring, summer and fall mini-seasons for customers unable to commit to the full season. You sign up now and then receive farm fresh produce all season.

Share pick-up is once a week on Thursdays from 4:30-7:30pm in Chevy Chase, DC. (We also offer on-farm pick-up in Centreville, MD, with a choice of picking up Thursdays or Fridays.) You can expect a weekly box or bag of seasonal produce for the duration of the season. Your CSA share will contain between 6-10 items each week -- see sample shares. Items will change based on the season. Many weeks, your share's value will far exceed the $$ per week that you have paid for it. However, some weeks it may not. Your CSA share will only contain produce we are growing on our farm.

Can I choose what's in my CSA share? Every CSA share will be the same. You cannot customize your share but you can always leave an item you don't want, or trade with another CSA member. Occasionally, members will be able to choose between two options (ex: parsley or dill). Items will change based on the season. See here for a list of example boxes for each season. Part of joining a CSA is cooking seasonally and adventurously. We will try hard to offer variety in the boxes.

Do you deliver? YES! Starting this season we are offering limited delivery to customers in the DC area. Our delivery area is NW DC as well as parts of Chevy Chase, Bethesda, Silver Spring, and Tacoma Park (within five miles of the Friendship Heights Metro Station). When you purchase your CSA share, you can also buy the delivery add-on and get your CSA share dropped right at your door, on Friday mornings between 7:30-10:30am! The cost is $10 a week for delivery and you must sign up for at least an 8 week mini-season at a time; you can also sign up for the whole season. The delivery fee covers the cost of extra packaging, fuel, our driver’s time, and the time to pack the boxes. We can only deliver to one address per CSA membership (if you are sharing with another household you need to pick one address for delivery). We recommend that you leave a cooler outside if someone will not be home when the share is delivered. We are not responsible for produce that wilts if it is left outside.

Please email us at if you are outside of this area but curious about delivery, it might be possible for us to add you to our route.

Do you offer multiple pick-up locations? We currently offer two pick-up locations: our main pick-up point in Washington, DC or on the farm in Centreville, MD. (See above for information about getting your share delivered.)

Our main pick-up point is at 5448 33rd Street NW, Washington DC 20015 on Thursdays from 4:30-7:30. We can accommodate occasional late pick-up. The pick-up location is a house; there is plenty of street parking outside and several city buses have stops within a 4 block radius.

On-farm pick up is on Thursdays from 2:30-8:30 or Fridays 12-6pm. We ask customers to pick a regular 2 hour pick up window. The on-farm pick up is not staffed. You retrieve your share from our walk-in cooler. We will be in touch after a CSA share is purchased to discuss the details of on-farm pick up with local customers.

In the future we would like to add more pick up locations but the logistics are too much for our small farm staff this year.

Can I sign up and split my share with another household? Yes! Many members split a CSA share with another household. It is up to the members splitting the share to make arrangements about how they will split it. When you sign up you can indicate on the form that you are splitting your CSA share. Please do remember that the some items in the share might be difficult to split (a pint of strawberries, one head of lettuce). Based on the experience of last year's members, we don't recommend splitting a CSA share between more than two households (due to the size of the share). That said, you are welcome to split your CSA share any way you want.

What if I need to miss a week? You are welcome to let a friend pick up your share up for their own use, or let us know you can't make it and we will donate it as part of our charitable food donations. There are no refunds for weeks when you cannot pick up your share.

What is the price? Do you offer discounts? A full season CSA share is $720 for the 24 week season. This breaks down to $30 a week. If you cannot commit to the full season, we are offering separate 8 week mini-seasons: Spring, Summer, and Fall. These mini-seasons cost $35 a week/$280 for the season. The pricing is listed on our product page.

If you are on SNAP benefits or make under $20,000 as a single person or $32,000 as a household of two people or more, you qualify for a reduced price share. The reduced price share has the exact same contents as the full priced share. The cost of this share is $360 for the full season, which is $15 a week. You can also sign up for the shorter mini-season option at the same reduced price. Check out our product page for more information. We cannot accept SNAP benefits as payment at this time.

We offer the option to pay in installments. Options for installment payment are explained on our product page. Please email us at if you have questions about payment for your CSA share.

Why should I join your CSA? First of all, our previous CSA members recommend it! On our post-season survey, 94% of customers said they would highly recommend our CSA to their friends.

Our CSA aims to deliver high quality and exceptionally fresh produce, usually picked within the last 24 hours. As a trained chef and a former produce buyer for a NYC catering company, I have high standards for the varieties of vegetables we grow, the post-harvest handling of our crops, and the freshness of your share.

Windy Hill Family Farm is a small business. When you purchase a CSA share, you are supporting the existence of a new vegetable farm, run by a family who care about the environment and the communities we are a part of. In our crop production, we use organic standards or higher. We work to reduce soil erosion, we pay any employees a living wage, and support small businesses and cooperatives in our purchasing.

How do I sign up!?! We offer several ways for you to sign up. The easiest is through the product page on this website; if you prefer, you can also sign up over email and pay with cash or a check. Please email us at if you have questions about signing up for your CSA share-