About the Farm

Our Story

Here's what the farm truck looks like all loaded up for a summer CSA delivery!

Windy Hill Farm is located in Centreville, Maryland. The property is on the Corsica River, which is on the eastern shore of Maryland right by the Chesapeake Bay. My parents purchased Windy Hill Farm ten years ago as a place to retire. It had been a second home before they bought it, but we know that the land had been used for agriculture for many years before that. At some point there was a small sheep farming operation on the land. Maryland is covered in soy bean and corn agriculture. I suspect that the farm was fields of corn for a long time.

The spring of 2017 marked the first season of vegetable farming at the slightly renamed "Windy Hill Family Farm," but I have been dreaming of starting my own farm since I was 19, struggling through college and working on a farm part time. My family has been generous in their support for the project, helping with all sorts of practical skills, encouragement, and, most importantly, a barn, access to water and three fields.

The farm is currently an acre and a half of land.  Just under an acre of land is in cover crops and buildings as I build up the soil and infrastructure, the another 3/4 of an acre is in a large variety of vegetables, herbs and fruits. The farm is not certified organic but we follow the organic standards. We use only organic-approved pest and weed control products and we only buy seeds from companies that do not sell GMO seeds. We are working to encourage a healthy farm ecosystem by encouraging beneficial insects and native pollinators. We use low-till methods along with cover crops, lots of compost and natural mulches to build healthy living soil.

In 2017 we started it all with a Community Supported Agriculture program with 24 shares and about 40 households eating our produce for 25 weeks! In 2018 we expanded the CSA in member size and season length. This year we are excited to hire our first farm employees and add some new sales channels. Join us in this exciting time at Windy Hill Family Farm!

Please think about supporting our farm by signing up for a 2019 CSA share, visiting the farm, following us on social media and coming out to some farm events!